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Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder
Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder
Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder

Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder

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  • Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder- ONE kind of nail powder can achieve TWO effects - Applying the top coat that mixed with cat eye powder can achieve cat's eye effect. Applying directly on no wipe top coat can achieve multi-color chrome mirror effect. Cat eye gel nail polish is too much, we need something fresh.
  • Cat's Eye Magnetic Effect- After mixing with the top coat that need to cured, applying it then use the magnetic stick to paint. You will see galaxy effect, aurora effect, nail black hole effect, different colors at different angles. You can freely control the ratio of powder to top coat, the more the powder content, the better the effect of cat eyes.
  • Chameleon Chrome Mirror effect- After applying the no wipe top coat and cured it, apply the magnetic powder on it to obtain a multi-color mirror effect. The color will change with the light depending on the viewing angle or the background color. 
  • Magic Magnetic Stick Bar- strong magnetic force can achieve cat's eye effect in 5 seconds. Different placement of magnetic rods will achieve different results. This is a perfect DIY product. 
  • What you will get- (3) 0.5g colors of cat eye nail powder, 1 black nail polish in the box, 1 nail brush and 1 strong magnetic stick.